Files changes from master to release


Developers are creating their branches from master, then merge their branches to the release branch. Now for the release: a new branch is created from master (i.e. release-x.x.x) and all the developers’ branches that are ok are merged to that release-x.x.x branch. This branch is then merged into master.

Now when we try to merge master into release, we should see no difference besides the merge commits. But GitLab shows changes in files. Merging the two branches locally do not show any file changes.

So I’m wondering if this is normal or not? Because of this, what we see is that code on the master branch is not in the release branch, which is not correct.

Any idea?

Thank you

I guess that the merge from release to master was not fast-forward, i.e. there were changes in the master after the developer branches were spawned from it. Have you tried to set

Merge commit with semi-linear history

Every merge creates a merge commit
Fast-forward merges only
When conflicts arise the user is given the option to rebase