Finding the version number without going to admin mode

Normally I checked /admin after doing an upgrade, as that would tell me what version were running (so I could see that we were on the version I had just upgraded to = the upgrade worked).
Since I enabled “admin mode” (which is a good thing in all other circumstances), I need to enter admin mode to see that page although I can’t change anything from that page.

That’s quite a bother for an operation that simple. Is there some other page I can visit after an upgrade to see the version number without entering admin mode?

Any logged user can check the running version in /help: e.g. Help · GitLab

Hi @rpadovani,

we’ve got the problem, that the version-check-badge span to the right of the h1 heading is missing as a normal user.
The version number only appears on the help page if you’re logged in as an admin.

Is there a setting to make this available again for non admins or does it unfortunately work as designed?

Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face: