Firefox can't open gitlab

firefox can’t show gitlab’s page. I can log in, but it is blank. I open firefox with debug mode to get some info.


How can I fix it.
firefox44.0.2 may be too old,but I have to use it .I

Newer versions of Firefox work. You are using a browser version released in 2016. Things move on, and chances are Gitlab is using functionality that old browsers don’t support.

I am curious why you say you have to use such an old version? I suggest updating your browser. You cannot expect old browsers to work with newer websites when old functionality is deprecated.

The browser is deployed on the server and cannot connect to the Internet. :upside_down_face:
reconfigure gitlab.rb? but I don’t know which configuration is useful…

Reconfiguring Gitlab isn’t going to help you with an old browser unfortunately. I guess you’ll need to ask your IT team to update their systems and provide a more up-to-date browser on the server.


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Why not use a browser on another, up-to-date machine that can connect to the server?

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