First open source release

We’ve been working on a new solution for a long period and will now make the code available as open source.
Our primary motive is to share our code with anyone that wants to pick it up and use it.
We’re not immediately intending to invite contributions or create a community.
We will create, provide, and maintain documentation which will help anyone using the open source code.
We have also made architecture decisions which will mean it’s likely that open source developers may be able to use some of our architecture (if they want to save building some parts).

Please do you have any recommendations on things we might do/not do given that, at this stage, we won’t be inviting contributions? This is our first open source release. Also, at this point there is a lack of documentation though this will follow soon. We’ve just setup a new CMS solution for this purpose.

In the longer term we may create an open source community accepting contributions etc.



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To achieve this purpose, I would suggest to start it with a private project/repository on some hosted service (GitLab SaaS aka and/or other platform service). And then disclose it publicly later. All issues, merge requests, labels, milestones, CI logs, other artifacts can be preserved even after disclosure. You do not have to spend time to migrate all your data and these resources would help contributors in the future.

thanks tnir

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