First Time Upgrading Major Version (Omnibus version)

Reading the docs, I see that when upgrading to newest major version, I should start at x.0.x before upgrading to the latest minor version/patch.

If I am currently on 12.10.14, and I run:
sudo yum install gitlab-ce

Will this properly take me to 13.0.0 or will I be upgraded all the way to 13.2.0?
If this is the wrong command, how do I explicitly upgrade to 13.0.0?

Thank you


Doing just sudo yum install gitlab-ce will take you directly to the latest version.

Quick reference is provided here:
sudo yum install gitlab-ce-13.0.0-ce.0.el8.x86_64 (keep in mind I used el8 in this example for the OS version and x86_64 for architecture but yours may be different - make sure to choose correct one

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Exactly what I was looking for, Thank you @lkorbasiewicz!

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