Fitnesse tests tags are missing when code is pulled/cloned on other machine

I have different test suites and tests on fitnesse wiki (Fitnesse is an accepting testing tool). These tests under the test suites have different Tags (to be able to run the tests with a particular tag at a time). Below is where we set the tag (P1) on Fitnesse wiki page:

My project is hosted on gitlab. When I push my code to the gitlab, the tag is saved like below in the corresponding test file on server:

Suites: P1

When I pull the code on some other m/c or clone the project and open the fitnesse wiki: the tag is missing on the fitnesse wiki test page.

Instead, I can see below only:

Suites: P1

I want my tags be appear correctly as it was in the fitnesse wiki in the development machine irrespective of where ever I clone/pull the project, and open the Fitnesse wiki.

Any help in this regard will be very much appreciated.