Fluxv2 bootstrap to gitlab.com rejected by pre-receive hook

Hi all, hope this is the right place to post…

Running into an issue trying to bootstrap fluxv2 in a private repo hosted on gitlab.com. The return is strange because the repo is getting created successfully and then failing with a ‘pre-receive hook declined’ message. I haven’t been able to find any account settings or documentation related to setting pre-receive hooks on hosted gitlab. Output looks like this:

❯ flux bootstrap gitlab --owner=emergetech/devops --repository=test-fluxv2 --path=clusters/demo
► connecting to https://gitlab.com
✔ repository "https://gitlab.com/emergetech/devops/test-fluxv2" created
► cloning branch "main" from Git repository "https://gitlab.com/emergetech/devops/test-fluxv2.git"
✔ cloned repository
► generating component manifests
✔ generated component manifests
✔ committed sync manifests to "main" ("a4805333747249500900ab51dc0358e590b0e292")
► pushing component manifests to "https://gitlab.com/emergetech/devops/test-fluxv2.git"
✗ failed to push manifests: command error on refs/heads/main: pre-receive hook declined

TYIA for any pointers!

Hi @jhicks1
my guess would be that GitLab checks if commits are coming only from valid GitLab users.
Use --author-email and --author-name and use a valid GitLab user.

--author-email string                    author email for Git commits
--author-name string                     author name for Git commits (default "Flux")

@balonik You are a scholar and a gentleman. Don’t know why that didn’t occur to me…guess I assumed that flux’s use of my PAT/ssh-key would resolve the user details for me.

In any event, this solved it. Thank you!