Forking a repository stopped working

Repeatedly today, I have tried to fork a repository that I’ve had no trouble forking in the past.

I first deleted my earlier fork from a couple of days ago, something I’ve done on other occasions.

Then when I tried to fork today, I initially got a 502 Whoops error from GitLab.
When I tried again, I then got a confusing response.

Successfully forked notification coupled with a No repository message.

This happens repeatedly.

It would seem that something has been corrupted in my profile whereby it’s preventing the proper completion of the forking operation.

Further evidence:

I tried to create a blank repository with the same name and path. This is what happened.

However, there is no LinVB project listed in my projects!

Looks like I’m right - the path exists, but I cannot access it in order to remove all trace of it.

This probably happened during the failure to complete when the 502 error was reported.

Surely there must be a means to rectify such a serious issue?

Further evidence:

I just created a project called Temporary and then removed it successfully.

My projects now lists the problem project LinVB but it is still “empty” and cannot be successfully removed.

Clicking on LinVB goes to this screen.

Clicking on Create empty bare repository goes to the same screen.

Further evidence and solution:

I then tried clicking the grey Import repository button.

This took me to a screen whereby I could paste the https address of the repository that I wanted to fork.

The import was successful, or so it seems, with the following caveat.

In the orange notification bar, this message was subsequently displayed.

This project was scheduled for deletion, but failed with the following message: undefined method `merge_requests’ for nil:NilClass

The repository thus forked seems to be OK. I was able to create a new branch.