FROM: email address sometimes wrong

We have Gitlab-CE omnibus version 8.9.11 installed, and users are authenticated via LDAP. We are having issues where people’s email contacts are being corrupted by the Gitlab email ‘from’ address.

Our configuration has:

gitlab_rails[‘gitlab_email_display_name’] = ‘Gitlab Support Team’
gitlab_rails[‘gitlab_email_from’] = ‘’

People are receiving emails from gitlab, such as comments on merge requests, where the FROM: address is the commenting user’s name (not the configured display name) but the ‘gitlab_email_from’ configuration email address (not the user’s email address from LDAP). This is a big problem, as confidential emails end up being sent to our group.

Our configuration hasn’t changed in a long time. We did upgrade to 8.9.11 late last year, and we did migrate to a new server a couple months ago, but the configuration of ‘gitlab_email_*’ settings hasn’t changed.

This is a rather urgent problem. If anyone has any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reply.

Did you found a solution?
Have you created an issue (bug report)? I could not find a suitable bug report at:

I could not find another suitable configuration option at:

Maybe it is feature for paid subscriptions? I am guessing because of comments in:

I have the same issue with a this setup:

  • using CentOS 7 x86_64
  • started with GitLab-CE 10.0.3 omnibus installation and updated it (now running 11.0.3)
  • connection to Active Directory for LDAP user account access
  • using on-premise SMTP server to send email (

The problem is easily reproducible. Enable “User Settings – Notifications – Receive notifications about your own activity” and comment on your own commits.

In the following text I replace my display name with MYNAME.
The word WRONG@EMAIL.ADDRESS is the email address set in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb with these options:

gitlab_rails[‘gitlab_email_from’] = ‘WRONG@EMAIL.ADDRESS’
gitlab_rails[‘gitlab_email_reply_to’] = ‘WRONG@EMAIL.ADDRESS’

And CORRECT@EMAIL.ADDRESS is the email address stored in LDAP for my user account. In the user’s account information I can verify that GitLab retrieves the correct email address.

The header of a notification email looks like:


The correct email address is used for the TO field.

The main problem from my point of view:
REPLY-TO uses the wrong email address. It should use the email address of the user accessible in GitLab.

Another issue (but minor) is:
FROM should use the email address of the user.

Another minor issue:
REPLY-TO should use the correct display name of the user instead of “GitLab”.

After editing GitLab’s configuration file with sudo vim /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb by prepanding these lines with “#”:

gitlab_rails[‘gitlab_email_from’] = ‘WRONG@EMAIL.ADDRESS’
gitlab_rails[‘gitlab_email_reply_to’] = ‘WRONG@EMAIL.ADDRESS’

and running sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure GitLab does not use the correct value for REPLY-TO for user comments.
A notification email for a comment from me to my commit looks like:

Reply-To: GitLab noreply@EXTERNALDNSNAME

EXTERNALDNSNAME is the value of “external_url” in GitLab’s configuration file minus ‘https://’.

I did submit a ticket but it didn’t get me anywhere.

We also have this problem. And it’s really annoying because the users sometimes think that they reply to their colleague, while it actually goes into a Gitlab box.