Functionality to store test metrics and create visualizations?

Does GitLab possess any way/place for storing Metrics through the .gitlab-ci.yaml and being able to create a visualization (such as a graph) of all historical data.

So lets say I wanted to store the number of tests that failed for the given build and subsequent future builds. I then want to plot a historical graph of these builds. Does any functionality like this exist already?

Otherwise, I I guess I would have to output the data to an external database and then forward the data to a git lab page with a graph.

@MonkGyotso - Thanks for posting!

I’m the Product Manager for the testing category at GitLab. We do not currently have the functionality you are describing built into the product but are starting work soon on an effort to collect and display test failures that will lead to this.

In the meantime you may find that Metrics Reports are a way to store the data you are looking for and if you are wanting to parse JUnit reports they are now available to download through the API.

I hope this helps and would greatly appreciate your feedback on the upcoming effort mentioned.

-James H - GitLab Product Manager

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@jheimbuck_gl Thanks for the reply!

Thats great news to hear that you will be adding this feature! Do you happen to have an estimated time frame when this feature will be included in production?

Thanks! - MonkGyotso

@MonkGyotso - Sure thing!

We don’t have exact timing on when we’ll be wrapped up, it’s still pretty early in the exploration on those issues but if you turn on notifications you can follow along as things change.

Closer to being released is a graph of code coverage over time on a project which we are targeting in the next milestone (13.1).

-James H