General workflow combined with billing etc

Hi all,

I was just wondering if there is any much used workflow from creating issues up to billing them.
In an environment with multiple customers and multiple developers, how did you set this up?

At this moment we use a CRM (Teamleader) in which we can also handle the invoicing. This CRM has the possibility to create projects, milestones and tasks (comparable to issues in GitLab) and do timetracking. But this functionality is quite basic and not specificly designed for webdevelopment.

So we want to use GitLab to hold our issues/backlogs etc. But the time we use for solving the issues must return to the CRM to be able to make the invoice for the customer.

We could make a tool to sync the tasks between the CRM and GitLab, but this will never be 100% compatible.

Where do you keep your issues? Do you make GitLab issues when your company receives a ticket from a customer? Do you use custom software / how do you make sure the hours you spent will be billed towards the customer?

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, I’m more than happy to share more details.

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Cheers @ArticSun,
unfortunately i don’t have a suggestion or possible answer on your question but am more interested in hearing if you got further into this topic? we’re currently also thinking about using gitlab also for our ticketing and basic crm-system.
Would love to hear if you came up with a feasable, working solution with no headache for this :smiley:
best regards