Get Date from moved issue (Urgent)

I need to get date from Moved Issue of board to other board, this date is very important. Someone, can help me?
This data I go use in the data studio.

For Exemple:

I moved Issue from Open to Em Andamento, but I need to know the date moved.

Thank you

In my issues that I’ve moved, there’s a comment that says something like @snim2 moved from OLD PROJECT#N (moved) 1 year ago and then if I hover over the 1 year ago I can see the exact date and time the move happened.

I’m not sure whether you can use the issues API to do this automatically, but the moved_to_id JSON attribute looks like it might be relevant to you.

Hi @snim2 , thanks. I will go verify de information and realize tests.
This information is very important to create my Dashboard by Data Studio.

No, this label return null. Don’t have any information.

Ah, sorry I think I misunderstood your question. I thought you were talking about moving the issue between projects.

I think what you mean is that you moved the issue between columns on the issues board. All that does, is it adds / removes labels to the issue, as appropriate.

In your case, it looks like you moved the issue from the Open column (no labels?) to the Em Andamento, which should have added the Em Andamento label to the issue.

If you open the issue and look through the comments, you should see a comment saying that someone added that label, and when.

Again, I’m not sure whether this information is in the API, but the docs will tell you.