GET /projects/:id/merge_requests/:merge_request_id/notes

The above mention api for gitlab v3 is not working , Could you please help on this.

You should really provide more information. What have you tried so far, what docs have you looked into, what do you even want to achieve, for what use case, etc…

Just saying “${inset anything you want} doesn’t work” won’t really help…

I have used above link documentations for v3 REST API call for the mentioned API (Getting notes of all merge request) , the same [/projects/:id/merge_requests/:merge_request_id/notes] is working fine for v4 REST API .


is there a specific reason you don’t want to go with v4 being the current API version then? To my knowledge, v3 is not updated anymore.

Actually, it was removed in 11.0.

Since GitLab 9.0, API V4 is the preferred version to be used.

API V3 was unsupported from GitLab 9.5, released on August 22, 2017. API v3 was removed in GitLab 11.0. The V3 API documentation is still available.

That being read, API v3 remains unsupported. If you got a server with 10.x or older I strongly recommend upgrading, also for security reasons.


Thanks Michael for your response !