Get sign-in information back on left side in Gitlab 15.4.0-ee

Hi there,

We had a pretty neat login page on a self-hosted Gitlab instance with some information and an xkcd comic left of the sign-in form. After upgrading to Gitlab 15.4.0-ee, all that was squeezed vertically on top of the login form such that one had to scroll down to even see the login form. I reorganized the text to get the login form back up but I’m not happy with the outcome.

Is there any way to put all this information to the left where it belongs?

Thanks in advance

Did anyone solve this yet?


Probably better option is to open an issue here, asking for better ways to customise the sign-in screen: Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

Anything outside of the defaults that Gitlab offers is always going to get changed after an upgrade. I expect the main issue is that the sign-in is fixed-width rather than fluid - which can be set under user-profiles but only affects the user experience once logged in. I expect the easiest would be allow fluid width for the sign-in screen, or give options to customise image placement locations. But that would require an issue to be opened for the Gitlab Devs to consider implementing.

Thanks iwalker. Opening an issue was my first thought, but the issue template says to ask the community first^^

In the meantime, I also stumbled on this official Epic with the exact issue commeted: Implement Redesigned Login Page (&8557) · Epics · · GitLab

There is a flag for now to get back the old design. If we’re lucky, they implement a toggle later on.

Thanks. I added a comment to the epic, mostly because I don’t see the point of having customisable options in the sign-in section under Admin when none of them are taken into account. Someone obviously messed up on that. Or perhaps they want to remove that customisability now?

Nice! Yeah, there are actually three different settings:

  • /admin/application_settings/general#js-signin-settings
  • /admin/application_settings/appearance
  • /admin/application_settings/preferences#js-help-settings
    The first two do the same thing but are formatted differently. The third one is just ignored… I’ll add that to the epic as well

Yeah, I think experience with this varies. My uploaded logo doesn’t work, removed and re-uploaded, still doesn’t show. I’ve bookmarked those links to follow it as I’m curious how this will work out.

But I’m just hoping that whoever decided to re-design the login page has screwed up by not taking into account the features in the Admin interface allow that to be overridden and customised how the end-user Administrators want.

TBH seems like an unnecessary update to me to the sign-in pages. At least if you are going to re-design it, do it properly and ensure all prior functionality that existed works first.

Looks like it is fixed in: Sign in: use custom logo again (!98898) · Merge requests · / GitLab · GitLab and will appear at some point in a release.