Get specific keys from API reques

Hello. I’m currently messing with gitlab API, but I now got into a little bit tricky situation. I have to collect all commits of this month and I work for a company, that have a lot of different active repositories, so the amount of commits is huge. I would like to speed the process up a little bit by filtering what keys I would like to get in the JSON request, it would also positively affect the trafic, which would be awesome.

So, my question is: Is there any way to specify names of keys I would like to get in JSON request? Ideally through API itself.

Just a quick example, so everything is clear: I have many many commits, that are stored in array with index 1 - 100. Each has like 10 values, that I don’t care about and the only value I would need is committer_name. So I need to do something, so when I call the request again, I would get a lot of array again, but now containing only keys committer_name.

Thank you for your responses.


I’ve been looking into this myself lately, and I’m afraid there is no such attribute filter implemented, like we did in Icinga 2. You’ll always get the full result set and need to iterate over the array of hashes.

One thing you may use is pagination, I’ve seen that in the Perl API library.