Getting a 422 when triggering a multi-project pipeline


We recently moved to from a local gitlab instance. We make use of the multi-project pipelines via curl in our scripts. Our scripts also have a include: at the top which grabs the file from a different repo in the same group with the same permissions. When we moved to we can no longer trigger the projects. The projects themselves can run the pipeline successfully, but when the same branch gets triggered by a different project curl returns a 422. I can see the pipeline entry with a invalid yaml, the hover text says the include: project does not exist or does not have permission. I can confirm the project does exist and I have permission to read the repo (as the pipeline will build successfully). I have verified that the project IDs are correct as well. For some reason it seems the runner does not have permission to read that included repo.


We are on 16.1.0-pre using a local runner with version 15.11.0