Getting a redirect when deploying release artifacts

This year, at the SANE Project, I am trying to prepare a new release. We have a CI setup to generate a release with a previous step to create the release artifacts. However, when trying to post these to the uploads area, they appear to be getting redirected. This did not occur with the previous release.

This problematic release output is:

Previously, we got:

Link to pipeline if anyone cares to have a quick look:

Is there something that I am missing here?
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi, I’ve been seeing these as well and am wondering if they might be related to other recent failures for dependent jobs that have otherwise been working for years.

Edit: Actually, investigating further, this appears to have been a red herring in my case. Apologies for the noise.

So what caused it in your case? @jpneverwas

Sorry for the late reply. My issue (intermittent 404s for artifact endpoints) is still present, but I likely misattributed the cause to the redirect messages we’re both seeing because those started appearing a while before the first 404.

Yeah, I think the same with me. I thought the redirect was the issue.
What is failing for me is the final REST POST to create the release. This always returns a 400. I might close this issue and open a new one with a proper description. In the end I manually created the release using the Web facility. It worked although I messed up some of the artifact paths. I guess that’s why automation is a better option. I will still try to figure out what the issue it.