Getting 'freetype' group

I’m the maintainer of the FreeType library (, and I would like to have the group ‘freetype’ on gitlab (for user ‘lemzwerg’). We are contemplating to move our repository to gitlab, and I would like to prepare that.

I successfully created such a group, however, the URL was

I’ve now deleted this group again – what I really want is the address (without the trailing digit ‘1’). Is it possible to get that?

Unfortunately, it seems that the path has already been taken:

There is probably a private group that took that path (since we cannot access it), therefore you cannot have it

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Ouch. Thanks for checking. Is this an ‘official’ reply from gitlab? Would there be a possibility to find out who owns this repository?

Hey @lemzwerg, welcome to the GitLab Community Forum! :tada:

If that namespace is not in active use by its current owner and it meets certain criteria then you may be able to claim it under our name squatting policy. To check into that, please submit a support ticket and we’ll assist you.