Getting registry repository tag details returns null for created_at

Hi everyone,

sometime this week the Get details of a registry repository tag endpoint started to return null for the member created_at.

GET /projects/:id/registry/repositories/:repository_id/tags/:tag_name

  "name": "v10.0.0",
  "path": "group/project:latest",
  "location": "",
  "revision": "e9ed9d87c881d8c2fd3a31b41904d01ba0b836e7fd15240d774d811a1c248181",
  "short_revision": "e9ed9d87c",
  "digest": "sha256:c3490dcf10ffb6530c1303522a1405dfaf7daecd8f38d3e6a1ba19ea1f8a1751",
  "created_at": null, // <-----
  "total_size": 350224384

Is this change intentional? Can i have the old behavior back? Please advice.

Note: I need this timestamp to automatically deploy and expire review apps.

Thank you for your help!

We are seeing the exact same behaviour. Seems like this broke sometime between feb 16, 16:00 GMT+01 and feb 17: 10:07

Seems like a corrolated bug: 2022-02-18: Creation timestamp of container images shown as null in the UI/API (#6381) · Issues · / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production · GitLab