[Gilab-ci/Gitlab-runner][Python] File name too long

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a CI script that uses python and at some point it generates data that are written on disk. This data are highly hierarchical and generates a lot of directories and files.

Everything is ran using the python:latest docker image on Linux gitlab-shared-runners.

During one night, the ci task failed with a "OSError [36] File name too long " error.

I was wondering if somebody knows what is the file path size limit on gitlab shared runners. In the ideal case, it would be great if somebody knows a workaround for this kind of problem.

In was thinking that gitlab was using a file system such as ext4 (or similar) witch allows very long file name and path.

Any ideas ?

Thanks to all !

After hours of digging the problem is not related at all with system path maximum size. The problem was related with the path separator considered as a a character of the filename and therefore I had a very very very long filename.

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