GIMP using unicode characters to display system text

I just downloaded the latest (10.2.22) version of GIMP for Mac OS (I’m running BigSur, version 11.3.1). However, while the program was loading, most of the text in the dialog box was unicode (gobbledigook). Also, once the program was loaded, most of the system text is still rendered in unicode. Consequently, I can’t even go into “preferences” to see where GIMP seems to be searching for the basic system fonts. (See image files attached).
Any ideas about how to resolve this? (To troubleshoot the problem, I opened up GIMP on my office computer, also running MacOS 11.3.1, and GIMP worked perfectly. I checked the font lists in /System/Fonts for the two Macs and they are identical).
I’d be grateful for any assistance.

Hi @tguy_mont

The GitLab Community forum is not the best resource for help with questions about GIMP. I suggest you check out Forums — or open an issue on Issues · GNOME / GIMP · GitLab