Git-annex on macOS 10.12?

It’s a long shot posting here, but does anyone else happen to use git-annex on the latest MacOS release (10.12)? I originally installed it via Homebrew, can’t seem to get it installed now due to ghc panic, and I’m no longer able to work locally with git-annex.

The only mention of problems I’ve found has been this Homebrew issue on GitHub, and I’m sadly a bit lost trying to figure out how to act on what’s there. Has anybody else had this problem and found a way out?

I can commit again now that I’ve commented out the pre-commit line git annex pre-commit ., slightly less panicky now but still curious whether anyone else has run into this.

…and they’ve fixed it. brew upgrade now upgrades git-annex without the ghc failure. If an admin wants to delete this useless self-conversation I’ll not be offended.