Git lfs fails in CI job with authentication error

git lfs pull fails during CI job with authentication error:

warning: current Git remote contains credentials
Error downloading object: path/to/file.png (708525b): Smudge error: Error downloading path/to/file.png (708525ba2b9e9c875ea4601fa9d981390a7e2da735f62061e9be84d87e17c422): batch response: Authentication required: Authorization error: https://gitlab-ci-token:<token>
Check that you have proper access to the repository

It fails in both the docker and shell executors.

Running standalone Gitlab 10.8.1, Gitlab-runner 10.8

Checkout works fine, just not git lfs pull

Any idea of what I’m doing wrong here?

Same issue @mnordine, have you found a solution?

I think registering and using a new runner worked for me