Git-LGS stop working after changing ip-address of Gitlab machine. How to fix?

We have self-managed GitLab 11.2.1-ee installation in our local network
It had ip-address before
We use Git LFS in our projects
And all work fine before we changed ip address of Gitlab machine.
We changed the ip-adress of Gitlab machine to and LFS stop working
Now it shows error

Error downloading object: some/object/path: Smudge error: Error downloading some/object/path (HASH_OF_OBJECT): batch response: Post dial tcp connect: network is unreachable

We changed address of gitlab on clients to new one.
Also we changed external_url in gitlab.rb to use new ip address
Our git projects that do not use lfs works fine.
Only projects with LFS shows this error

We tried to set lfs.url with new ip in git config on client, after that lfs become ask for credentials (we didnt use any credentials for lfs before)

How to fix this?

I fix it.
I miss that I must run

sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure
sudo gitlab-ctl restart

after editing external_url in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb
We run this commands and all is fine now