Git push -o failed in gitlab-ci script : 'helper http does not support 'push-options'

I’m trying in vain to create a merge request from a job’s script of my gitlab-ci pipeline.

All should be correctly configure, but it seems that I cannot using push-options when pushing from a ‘git shell’ shared runner with the -o option.

I have well call the command git config --global receive.advertisePushOption true in the script before the command git push […] -o merge_request.create etc.

 $ git config --global "xxx"
 $ git config --global "xxx"
 $ git config --global receive.advertisePushOptions true
 $ git push http://gitlab-runner:${CI_GIT_TOKEN}@${CI_REPOSITORY_URL#*@} $CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME
   -o merge_request.create
   -o merge_request.remove_source_branch
   -o merge_request.title="WIP:Submit merge request of $CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME branch to master"
 fatal: helper http does not support 'push-option'
 Unexpected end of command stream

I have already unsuccessfully check :

  • the /opt/var/gitlab/.gitconfig file well included the receive.advertisePushoptions true too, for the home GitLab Server git user’s config file

And those following links :

###Releases installed on the first CentOS 7 Qemu VM

GitLab Community Edition 12.8.6 with Embedded Git git version 2.24.1

###Releases installed on a second CentOS 7 Qemu VM

Gitlab Runner with a custom Local Git git version 2.24.1 (get on

Version: 12.8.0

Git revision: 1b659122

Git branch: 12-8-stable

GO version: go1.13.7

Built: 2020-02-22T03:36:44+0000

OS/Arch: linux/amd64

###Registered Runner

A Git Shell shared runner, using a dedicated GitLab internal user [gitlab-runner] with a no expiration date token to allow git push

Thanks for your help please !

Forgive me for the poor formalism, this is my first post