Gitaly reporting unauthenticated for git pull


After upgrading my omnibus installation to 10.3.4, we’re seeing this in the logs:

2018-01-17_03:42:30.88405 {"error":"rpc error: code = Unauthenticated desc = authentication required","grpc.code":"Unauthenticated","grpc.method":"SSHUploadPack","grpc.service":"gitaly.SSHService","grpc.time_ms":0,"level":"info","msg":"finished streaming call","peer.address":{"Name":"@","Net":"unix"},"span.kind":"server","system":"grpc","time":"2018-01-17T03:42:30Z"}

Every time we try to git pull. We’ve been able to bypass by enabling gitaly['auth_transitioning'] = true, but that feels like a weird hack to me. Note that git push does work.

I’m sure it’s a config issue on my part, but it’s not clear to me what exactly i’ve got wrong. config-diff doesn’t reveal anything obvious…