Gitea import fails


So I created a token with full rights in Gitea 2.40.1
I enabled Gitea import in the latest GitLab on-premise.

Gitlab presents a list of repositories found.
But when I want to import any of the projects I get an “import failed” message and the following message appears in the log:

“exception.message”: “undefined method split’ for nil:NilClass\n\n scopes = scopes.split(‘,’).map(&:strip)\n ^^^^^^”,
“exception.backtrace”: [
“app/services/import/github_service.rb:115:in validate_collaborators_import_scope’”,
“app/services/import/github_service.rb:17:in execute’”,
“app/controllers/import/github_controller.rb:78:in create’”,
“ee/lib/gitlab/ip_address_state.rb:10:in `with’”,

Any and all help on this is greatly appreciated.