Gitflow maven plugin build error in gitlab-CI

Good afternoon, I use the gitflow maven plugin to set up automatic version number change when building a project in gitlab-CI, I set it up according to the article viesure | Automating Semantic Versioning with Maven. I make local changes in the development branch, do push, manually launch the release job, the job works correctly. I make changes locally in the development branch again, push, run the same release job manually, and the job crashes with an error
[ERROR] Failed to execute goal com.amashchenko.maven.plugin:gitflow-maven-plugin:1.13.0:release (default-cli) on project gs-maven: release: Remote branch 'origin/development' is ahead of the local branch 'development'. Execute git pull

I can’t understand where my data is getting out of sync, I tried to do git pull after the first run of the job (I did it locally), but the error still occurs. What am I doing wrong?