GitLab 13.7 upgrade - wiki links missing (merged) and (closed) text

GitLab 13.7 Wiki appears to have lost the informational text on links for issues and merge requests: (merged) or (closed). For example, if a MR is already merged, a link to this MR would show !9999 (merged), or if an issue was already closed the link would have been #8888. Now the links simply show !9999 or ‘#8888’. We believe this change occurred when upgraded from 13.6 to 13.7.

To the best of my knowledge the CHANGELOG doesn’t show anything about changes to this feature.

Does anyone know if this change is intentional, or perhaps there is a new setting to enable these? We are hopeful that GitLab has not removed this feature, as it was very useful. Perhaps this was a regression fixed in v13.8 or 13.9? If that is the case, we can upgrade to one of those.

Thank you in advance for advice on this issue.

Additional information: This is the MR that introduced this feature 3 years ago. Seems that the code for this is still in v13.7.

On this feature works as expected. If anyone has v13.7 installed and could test this out, it would be quite helpful.