GitLab 13 Requires PostgreSQL 11

We just upgraded our GitLab 12 to 13.0, then to 13.3
From the release note I see that GitLab requires minimum PostgreSQL 11.

We have installed PostgreSQL 9.6 on our GitLab server runnin SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3.
We have available PostgreSQL 10, but not 11 on SLES12.
Not even the new SLES 15 SP2 has PostgreSQL 11, but it has PostgreSQL 12.

What consequences will this have for GitLab running on SLES?

Will GitLab work with PostgreSQL 12?
Does GitLab have SLES15 packages? We are using RPM from a SLES12 repository

There are RPMs for OpenSUSE Leap 15.1. Maybe this can be used? Leap is based on SLES.
Oddly though, PostgreSQL 11 does not come with Leap 15.1 either, but it is with Leap 15.2

One could always add an additional repository that has the PostgreSQL 11 like

Yes, in 13.x postgresql 12 is available as well as postgresql 11.7, so you can use it. At present postgresql bundled with gitlab is defaulted to 11.7 but in gitlab 14.x it will default to postgresql 12. So with 13.x you can use postgressql 12 even though the default is currently 11.7.

See the install docs for info relating to using postgres on a separate server than the bundled postgres in the gitlab-ce or gitlab-ee packages. There are some requirements on how to configure an external postgres so that it will work with gitlab, but also it would need to be 11 or 12.

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So PostgreSQL is bundled with GitLab, so it does not matter which PostgreSQL I have available on the server?

If you are using the bundled postgres with gitlab-ce or gitlab-ee, then you won’t be using the version of postgresql installed on the server.

Unless you have a specific requirement to not use the bundled version of postgres, then you can use the version of postgresql from the distribution providing that its version 11 or 12. A scenario would be if you wish to have gitlab on one server, and utilise postgresql on a separate server, rather than running on the same server where gitlab is.

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