Gitlab 15.3 Omnibus - Error on avatar update


I’m having a problem with workhorse when trying to update the user’s avatar (profile), image of some project or to insert an image in the wiki.

On the page, when trying to perform the update, the error that appears is “Request failed with status code 500”.
The workhorse log has the following information:

"error":"handleFileUploads: extract files from multipart: no api response: status 403"

I saw in the project commits that this change came in a short time ago, through this merge request.

My environment does not have “Object Storage” configured. There were also no changes to the reverse proxy.

The version of gitlab and workhorse is 15.3.3.
OS Version: Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS – All OS packages are up to date.

This fix worked for me:

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Hi @civillian

I just changed this parameter in the configuration and it’s working normally again.
Thanks a lot for the help!

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