GitLab 8.4.4 doesn't allow connections from Geppetto

Hi all,

Yesterday I’ve tried to migrate my old server Ubuntu 14.04 + Gitlab 7.6 source installation to a new one CentOS 7 + GitLab 8.4.4 omnibus package. Everything went smooth, the data was properly imported into the new server, but for an unknown reason I cannot connect from Geppetto ( a Puppet IDE ) to the new server. In the GitLab logs (/var/log/gitlab/gitlab-*) there are no errors. However in the SSH log (/var/log/secure) a strange error it appear: “com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: auth fail” 3 times after Geppetto shows an error regarding incorrect password or SSH key.
I’ve also tried to connect to the GitLab server using CLI and worked fine, the Welcome message was displayed and the SSH session closed.
A few weeks ago, I’ve also made a migration test, at that time the GitLab CE version was 8.3.4 and everything went OK, so I assumed that this issue is related to GitLab instead of Geppetto.
Thank you for your time and help.