Gitlab Account LOST!

It seems that i lost one of my gitlab account and related data. I cannot recover password with mail (or junk mail) because there is no mail in my mailbox. I cannot register new account with that email too. I also couldn’t find a contact with gitlab admin. I don’t know if i must purchase a ticket for this easy issue… Anyone can help me to contact with


Since we are just community members here we cannot help you with that. The only way you are likely to be able to recover it is by opening a ticket here:

You can try, but since you are a free user you will most likely have to wait a while until someone replies since paid users with support will have a priority. The problem you have is that you cannot purchase support, since you would need to be able to login to your account and therefore would have needed to have a subscription already.

Unfortunately this problem is common, not sure why email delivery from Gitlab SaaS is so unreliable (only the Gitlab team can answer that one) - there are plenty of posts on this forum already about it.

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