Gitlab actions not using subdomain

Hi there!

I installed manually Gitlab into my server. Everything works fine, except one thing…

Currently Gitlab is using my company subdomain, http://subdomain.domain.dom, but form actions like save profile changes (for example) tries to POST to, instead to subdomain.domain.dom.

For example when I tried to do branch with at the project page, browser requests Referer: with request header referer: Referer: This also happens with profile editing, etc… Any form action does the correct POST but returning an incorrect GET.

I have Gitlab configured on Apache 2.4, shell.yml points to

gitlab_url: “


port: 80


*<VirtualHost *:80>*

  *ServerAlias subdomain.domain.dom*
  *ServerSignature Off*
  *ProxyPreserveHost On*
  *AllowEncodedSlashes NoDecode*

  *<Location />*
  *</ Location>*

  *RewriteEngine on*
  *RewriteRule .*{REQUEST_URI} [P,QSA]*


Maybe I didn’t explain my problem enough… sorry about that and I will respond any doubt you have about my problem :wink:

Thank you!