Gitlab admin login


I’m new to gitlab, not as a user but as admin of a self hosted gitlab server. My server is just deployed in a proxmoxVE virtual host, and running. I saw that admin login is root via https. However, with brute force attacks root is the main login tested. Is it possible, and is it safe, to change the “root” login name to something else to improve security ?
Thanks for your advices

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Hello thre @patrickb - welcome to the fourm! :smiley_cat:

Yes, you can change the user name of the root user just like any other user by logging onto that user and changing their username.

If your instance is exposed to the internet, you may also want to consider enabling reCAPTCHA.

Thanks for your answer.
I’ve successfuly changed the user name of the admin and all is running fine. I will look at Captcha soon, it is not in poduction yet.