GitLab Admin | One project failed its last repository check

Last repository check (6 days ago) failed. See the ‘repocheck.log’ file for error messages.

  1. first i have ran fsck, below is the log.
    broken link from tree 47a888f8df705fc8a02efdefcac1242469c78818
    to tree 1ea88a2a24a4be9697ed8a4bc0ecfaf356578b0d
    broken link from tree 3fb9f03033e140cdfeefbe90fc4fedaa6cac4490
    to tree af8850908a26d3c90beca57c0d5f4f6ae426a13c

  2. while i am running gc command in server side it is showing below error.

fatal: bad tree object af8850908a26d3c90beca57c0d5f4f6ae426a13c
fatal: failed to run repack