GitLab agent server for Kubernetes in Multi-nodes

Hi Team,

We were trying to implement “gitlab agent server for Kubernetes in Multi-nodes”
Currently our Gitlab Server is running in 3 node cluster in ECS.

Gitlab version : 15.8.2 ee

We have gone through the official documentation and able to test with single node and its working fine. But while going to test in Multi-node, we need to some information about the configuration.

gitlab_kas['enable'] = true
gitlab_kas['api_secret_key'] = '<32_bytes_long_base64_encoded_value>'
gitlab_kas['private_api_secret_key'] = '<32_bytes_long_base64_encoded_value>'
gitlab_kas['private_api_listen_address'] = ''
gitlab_kas['env'] = {
  'SSL_CERT_DIR' => "/opt/gitlab/embedded/ssl/certs/",
  'OWN_PRIVATE_API_URL' => 'grpc://<ip_or_hostname_of_this_host>:8155'

gitlab_rails['gitlab_kas_enabled'] = true
gitlab_rails['gitlab_kas_external_url'] = 'wss://'
gitlab_rails['gitlab_kas_internal_url'] = 'grpc://'
gitlab_rails['gitlab_kas_external_k8s_proxy_url'] = ''

Need to know how we can get the value for api_secert_key & private_api_secert_key

Also for this OWN_PRIVATE_API_URL can we provide “” ?,

'OWN_PRIVATE_API_URL' => 'grpc://<ip_or_hostname_of_this_host>:8155'

Need suggestion on the explanation of these config properties and how to generate these secret keys.