Gitlab and RedHat 8

Hi, has anyone sucessfully installed Gitlab in Redhat 8?

I had to upgrade my servers and now I can’t install GitLab because it asks for policycoreutils-python as dependence while it became python3-policycoreutils in this new Redhat Version.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @angraxs2 and welcome to the GitLab Community forum!

I’ve attempted to install GitLab CentOS 7 package in RHEL 8 and faced the same issue in resolving this dependency.
Until an el.8 .rpm package is built and released, I would not suggest using it on RHEL8. If someone does find a workaround, please share.

GitLab is working to officially support RedHat8 and CentOS8 and plan to build and release el.8 packages as soon as possible.
You can weigh-in on the issue and/or subscribe for updates on RHEL8 support here:

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