Gitlab and registry, unable to find certificate

Hi everybody. Sorry for my bad english.

I’m running gitlab-ee 13.7.4 in docker and I’d like to add the registry support. But when I run gitlab, this error appears:

cannot load certificate "/etc/gitlab/ssl/..."

All gitlab certificates are in another directory “/certs” and I set the env variable SSL_CERT_DIR:

gitlab_rails['env'] = {
  "SSL_CERT_DIR" => "/certs",

The conf for the registry:

registry['enable'] = true
registry_external_url ""
registry['registry_http_addr'] = "localhost:5001"
registry['dir'] = "/registry/conf"
registry['storage_delete_enabled'] = true
registry_nginx['listen_port'] = 5000
registry_nginx['ssl_certificate'] = "/certs/registry.crt"
registry_nginx['ssl_certificate_key'] = "/certs/registry.key"
gitlab_rails['registry_path'] = "/registry/data"

Why the SSL_CERT_DIR env variable is not used ?


ok found. a simply mistake in filenames. Now it gitlab starts without errors …