Gitlab API - Answer from registry information size=null


I’m trying to obtain information about size in the registry container of any user but, when I ask for it to the system the answer brings a size field with a null value.

For now I’m doing it through a curl command.
The command I’m trying is:

curl -X GET --header “Private-Token: myPrivateToken” “https://mySite/api/v4/registry/repositories/registryID/?statistics=true&size=true&tags=true

and the system’s answer is:


I’ve looked at both the syntax and how to make the query in the gitlab API wiki (v4) but I can’t find out what I could be doing wrong.

¿Is there something I need to configure previously in gitlab.rb? ¿I need to execute any command like gitlab-ctl before being able to get this information? ¿Isn’t it possible with gitlab-ce installation?