Gitlab api how to test application ID and secret with curl

Hello all

I have installed gitlab-ce version 10.4.2 on centos 7, I want register some application in it
how can I test if “Application Id” , “Secret” and “Callback url” are working, can I test these parameters with “curl” tool from linux?

I tryed:

curl ‘http : // mygitlab . mydomain . mycom/api/v1?client_id=xxx&client_secret=yyy’

but its returning:

You are being redirected< / a >.</b o dy> < / h t ml>

I also wonder which api v should I use /api/v1 or /api/v2 or /api/v3 etc? what is the diference?

sorry if I am sking noob question, I am new on gitlab

thank you