Gitlab API not showing all attributes in build status of commit

Please be kind, as the question already posted on StackOverflow.

I am using simple curl command as given in GitLab documents, to Post the build status to a commit .

But in gitlab build status it only shows:

“Pipeline #20 failed for abc…”

Even when I am passing “description”, “target_url” attributes.

I have tried,

curl --request POST --header “PRIVATE-TOKEN: 9ko…” “…?state=failed&description=my_decsription&target_url=”

From curl output in terminal, it is successfully passing all attributes. But in gitlab build status it only shows,

“Pipeline #20 failed for abc…” .

I want the output to be like,

“Pipeline #20 failed for abc… my_description”.
Any other format which supports ‘description’ and ‘target_url’ attributes.

I searched on Internet but not succeed. I am using gitlab 8.16.
Is there something which I need to add/configure in gitlab?

Actually the “target_url” which I am specifying is appeared as a hyper-link on specific build number of Build tab. But not appearing where I want it.
“description” is not appearing anywhere.