GitLab API ommitting a file in the repo?

I have a set of files in different subdirectories in my repository. I have a container that’s trying to use the API to iterate over a set of files recursively and download them. However, the API seems to be omitting one of the files and I can’t seem to identify why.

Here is the API output:

And here is my repo showing that the file does exist:

all of the other files in the repo appear to be returning fine so I’m not sure why this is happening.

Here is the cmdline I’m using to query the API before all of the ‘jq’ filtering:

curl --header “PRIVATE-TOKEN: [my-token]” “https://[my-internal-gitlab-url]/api/v4/projects/50/repository/tree?path=build/nginx-alpine/root/0&recursive=true&ref=master”

How many results do you get without the filtering? It might be the case that you need to increase per_page.

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Gah… yes. The unfiltered output was 20. Increased to 100 and and it popped up. Thanks @tschoesi !

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