GitLab asking for credit card

HI I recommended gitlab to my friend, because of its great pipeline features, she lives in Iran and she decided to get her hands dirty with gitlab and specially its CI.
But running her first-ever CI, she reached to the credit-card error, as you know in Iran there are no credit-cards available, can she provide some identity card, social number or anything else instead for verification? She could also provide one of Iran’s bank-account numbers, IBAN or any bank related information, but banks in Iran don’t issue credit-cards, that’s the only issue.

Hi @Stevemoretz

There is a long thread on this topic already which explains the background to this problem, but your friend needs to raise a support ticket to deal with their specific situation.


Thank you but she is a free version member so can’t really access a support ticket either.

She could try the issues with billing… route, since it’s related to credit card verification.


Great idea thanks!