GitLab Backup and Support Queries

Hello Team,

We would like to know that the following features are supported in GitLab version, Pleas confirm on the same.

  • How can we segregate the repositories into different projects/sub-organizations under a parent Organization?
  • What are the services available with the “Standard Support” under Pro License?
  • What are the securities available for our code under Pro lic?
  • What are the backup/restore options provided with Free & Pro Lic?
  • What is the minimum cost of generating vulnerability scan reports on an adhoc basis for a set of repositories?
  • What is the option of adding additional disk space on top of the default quota under a specific license type?


? This forum is about GitLab, not GitHub. And GitLab has no such thing as a “Team version”, there are two versions CE (Community Edition) and EE (Enterprise Edition). You can also go with the company’s SaaS solution, I don’t know how that functions license-wise, but people complain that they easily get to a point where they need expensive licenses.

? GitLab has no “Pro License”, you can get either the (unreasonably priced) Premium license or the (even more unreasonably priced) Ultimate license (if you go with the EE version).