GitLab Behind IIS Reverse Proxy (URL Rewrite 2, IIS 10, and ARP)

Hello everyone,

I was trying to see if anybody could help me out. I recently installed Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition with IIS 10, URL Rewrite 2.0, and Application Reverse Proxy. I am trying to connect a web site to a Docker container which runs my GitLab CE and Gitlab CE Pages instance.

I can access GitLab’s interface perfectly fine through the reverse proxy so I know that it is working. I also adjusted the buffer and timeouts to accomedate larger file and GIT transactions from the reverse proxy. I also established a Let’s Encrypt certificate for the outside to my self-signed certificate on the inside. That is all working.

I am running into a bigger problem though. I am also trying to configure GitLab Pages through the reverse proxy. If I use the Application Proxy on a Synology (based on NGINX) I can access my GitLab Pages fine.

If I use IIS 10 with URL Rewrite and the ARP I am receiving Error 404s on the GitLab Pages instance inside the Docker container.

I was wondering if there is a specific reverse proxy configuration somebody can point me to for GitLab Pages. It seems that the HTTP_HOST is not passing through properly to GitLab Pages from IIS causing the 404 not found. I tried overriding the HTTP_HOST and it also does not work (same 404 error).

I tried using Bing and Google to find more documentation but was unsuccessful. If anyone has any pointers that would help it would be much appreciated!

Chris Zenzel

Hi Chris, I’m having thesame problems, did you manage to fix it yet?