GitLab blocked account


There is a project that I follow for age:

But the maintainer said that the account was blocked without any advice:

SoundTouch git repository moved to

2021-10-14 OP: For some reason that currently is unknown to us, blocked soundtouch account without any prior notice, hence soundtouch repository moved to, hopefully a more stable and friendly home for an opensource project.

Could you give the reason of that blockage?




The owner/maintainer should have contacted Gitlab here:

Any reasons for blockage would be given to the owner/maintainer. Had he opened a request he could have most likely had is account unblocked.

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Thanks for the info.
( But, imho, a message to the maintainer should be welcome when a blockage is done )

I’m just a Gitlab user, that is something the maintainer/owner should raise with Gitlab directly via the Gitlab Support tickets if his accounts were blocked incorrectly, and wasn’t informed about it.

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Many thanks for your infos @iwalker.

(But for something important, like blocking account, by respect for the maintainer and the users, advice should be given. Respect before all, always, everywhere,)

As I said I don’t work for Gitlab. But had my repositories been blocked, I as the maintainer would have sent a support request asking for Gitlab to explain. I would have also mentioned that they should have notified me of this. There is every chance he was notified and it went to spam and he just didn’t see it. But until someone actually asks and speaks to Gitlab about this issue, then they will never know will they? Gitlab can then confirm everything and also whether an email sent, since we don’t know this.

Hello. I am the developer and owner of this project in question, and I sensed through the fabric of the universe that my thoughts are being read somewhere.

As the topic seems to be of interest, let me give my account of how things happened.

Events begun rolling on one beautiful autumn day as the soundtouch repository hosted in Gitlab was blocked. Just like that, no warnings, no particular reason given, no information received from Gitlab: The project was just suddenly blocked from users. I became aware of this unfortunate turn as very soon begun messages from developers about the missing repository flow into my inbox.

Because it’s rather awkward that an OSS git repository just disappears, I sent a message to the Gitlab support as follows:

Oct 14, 2021, 1:23 EDT

The “soundtouch” account is blocked, and as its creator I haven’t received any notification or reason for why.

This is active project and several users have send notification they can’t now build software because git in gitlab is missing.

Such urgent was Gitlab support that it took only one short week to receive a reply from them:

Oct 20, 2021, 17:08 EDT


I have escalated the issue to our Trust and Safety team to review.

I will provide you with more information once I have received an update on your request. In the meantime, I will put this ticket in the “on hold” status.

Lo and behold! After only a single week of unavailablility the block was lifted and the soundtouch project became available again in Gitlab!

Someone could of course now wonder that why on earth an active project just suddenly get blocked from the users, why no notice was sent about this block to the project maintainers and how to avoid such occurrence in future.

I am one some wonderer so I sent a follow-up message to Gitlab support:

Oct 23, 2021, 8:09 EDT


Thank you for your reply.

Question: Can you inform what kind of abuse triggered the blocking of
soundtouch account so that I can prevent that from happening again,
given that soundtouch has been active and running stably for years
before this event?

For example, was it due to excessive use of git resouces or downloads by
other users?

Also, it would had been nice to receive information or warning
beforehand before being just bluntly blocked for over a week just out of

Olli Parviainen

Again after circa a working week a reply already arrived, a good and promising message, even if not particularly heavy with information:

Oct 29, 2021, 9:48 EDT

I don’t have the exact details as to why this happened but I have inquired internally with the Trust and Safety team to see if these details can be provided.

I have also inquired about the possibility of receiving a notification/warning before being blocked and will let you know if there’s any information or discussions around that.

I will get back to you once I have received communication from the T&S team.

Then time elapsed, and eventually, only a month-and-half after the incident arrived the following explanation:

Dec 2, 2021, 3:25 EST

Hello once again,

Apologies for the huge delay as I had not received any information form the Trust and Safety team up until recently.

This is the information they have provided:

Thank you for the feedback, we are working on improving our user experience in the event an account does get blocked.

Unfortunately we do not share details externally about specific actions that trigger abuse alerts, so that we can maintain the security of our abuse detection and mitigation tooling and efforts.

So there you go: your project can just be blocked and “Unfortunately we do not share details externally about specific actions that trigger abuse alerts”.

I hope that this account helps to understand that after such out of ordinary degree of speed, commitment service and consideration of end users, what can a diligent project do other than walk away and find better place to host an OSS project.

The end.