Gitlab can not show divied v3 openapi schema on web

Hi there. Now I’m in trouble about openapi preview on web viewer.

Gitlab has swagger preview feature on file preview but it looks it does not support $ref dividing.
Other tools and swagger-tool can read/preview/merge this file so I feel this is due to the version of gitlab’s swagger-ui or somethingthing.

On gitlab (I tried on web and gitlab v5.5 docker image server) :

On some tools:

I created sample repo: index.openapi.yaml · main · kwatanabe / openapi-test · GitLab

I thought create issue on gitlab prj but suggested ask on community at first so I asked here.
I’d really appreciate it if you could give me your opinion about how to resolve and should I report on gitlab too.

By project environment reason, I don’t have web server to preview merged swagger file as html.
So I’d like to preview on gitlab repo page anyway.

If there’s no way, I try to create the server (gitlab page is not able to use on own team…) and send converted schema file from ci …