GitLab/CE Auth Integration with LDAP/Red Hat IdM

Good evening all. I am new to the forum here but not new to GitLab (well, fairly new, I have only been a GitLab admin professional for about 3 years now ).

I have a GitLab/CE instance hosted in my lab network at home and it LOOKS LIKE I have it configured to pull authentication information from my RH IdM setup without any issues (at least gitlab-clt reconfigure did not return any errors). However, when I try to log in using a known username and password that has access to the right groups, I get a message saying that the username and password are invalid, which I know they are now.

As a reference, I used the instructions at LDAP on GitLab with Red Hat Identity Management (FreeIPA) - DEV Community to do the installation. Again, running ‘gitlab-ctl reconfigure’ after making the necessary changes does not return an error and everything completes and restarts without an issue.