GitLab CE comes without any runner inside

GitLab CE self-hosted comes without any runner inside out-of-the-box - is it true?
I need a simple setup to serve GitLab Pages without any cloud services.
So, the runner should be deployed on separate node - it’s clear. But it’s quite confusing with AutoDevOps mode in documentation, sorry.

So, using separate node with runner I’m still will be able to serve Pages, right.

Could you please clarify this point. Thanks in advance.

Hey @stealthhawk, welcome to the GitLab forum!

Could you please check out this documentation page about GitLab Runner? There you will find some additional details about all the features and installation methods.

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@dsumenkovic, thanks a lot for your reply!
I know how to install a runner - it’s not a problem.
Unfortunately, docs doesn’t cover whether runner already comes with GitLab after fresh install or not.

I don’t think so. I had to install the GitLab Runner separately on our self-hosted CE.

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Given that best practice is have the runner on a different host from the GitLab installation, it would be quite difficult to match that and install a runner automatically with GitLab (CE).

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Hi @stealthhawk and welcome to the community forum.

GitLab CE (and EE) do not come with a runner “out of the box”.

One reason why is because gitlab-runner supports a variety of executors with different features and abilities.

Once you install and register a shared runner with your instance, AutoDevOps will be enabled by default for all projects.